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Prime Membership Terms




  1. With Prime Membership you can avail 5-10% extra discount on all products thrughout the whole year compared to non prime members and this can go up to 60%. The discount offered to prime members will always be greater than the non-prime members.
  2. Prime member will get extra 450+ questions video series in each branch/Discipline for full course users of GATE as well as SSC-JE that will give you extra edge in your preparation. This video series will be given to you via Google Drive link.
  3. 100+ question video series for EE/ECE/IN Core combo users.
  4. A separate Dedicated team for doubt solving who will solve your doubts within 24 hrs so that you won’t have any technical doubt during your preparation.
  5. On weekly basis there will be a live session of concerned faculty/Genique team member to know your exact status of the concern subjects undergoing in our study plan.
  6. 20+ live sessions will be taken by Genique Core Team for boosting your Preparation level.
  7. All Prime members will get two assignments per subjects to enhance their preparation.
  8. Revision Plan of each subjects will be implemented from December so that students will stick to the plan and never get distracted in last 2 months.
  9. Complete booklet of questions bank of each subject of GATE Full Course & Combo Users will be provided to our prime members. Booklet will be dispatched in the month of June 2020. However soft copy in pdf will be provided at the time of purchase. For SSCJE Courses hard copy of booklet will not be provided, only pdf will be given to SSCJE Courses.
  10. There will be Physical interactive session at LUCKNOW, BHILAI, PATNA,& Kolkata for prime members one or two times in a year. Some other cities may be included if the number of Prime members will be more than 100 in particular region.
  11. No extra shipping cost of Pen drive/Hard Disk.
  12. Some Extra feature may be later on and will be intimated through mail.

Limitations :

  1. To get prime membership features you must have full course/combo course with validity left.
  2. You can avail all the feautres of G-Prime like Hard Copy Booklet/Prime FB Group/ 450+ Video Series Questions. This 450+ Video Series Questions will have validity same as your Full Course/Combo Course  Validity and it will be given via Gdrive Link. Incase your full course validity expires then you will have to upgrade the course for watching 450+ video series questions. Without purchasing/upgrading any full course/combo course, you cannot be able to watch this 450+ video series.
  3. You can purchase maximum 4 products with your subscription in one year. After that you cannot purchase with Prime Discount. However, you can purchase with normal discount like non-prime members.
  4. You can purchase the same product for your friends at prime discount but the benefit written above will be given to you only, not your friends as you are the prime member of genique not your friends.
  5. If you purchase the different product (like GATE+SSCJE) then the benefit written above will be given for GATE as well as for SSCJE.
  6. Validity of this prime membership is 365 days from the date of purchase of prime membership. After that you will be treated as non-prime members.​ However if you are purchasing the product with 2 year validity then all the features of G prime you will get for 2 year except the prime discount on other product. (Prime discount you will get only till your prime membership validity i.e 365 days from date of purchase of prime membership)

List of Product available now in G-Prime:

  1. GATE(EE/ECE/IN) & SSCJE(EE/Civil) FULL COURSE in Pen Drive/Gdrive.
  2. GATE EE/ECE/IN Combo & Maths Apti in Pen Drive/Gdrive.
  3. SSCJE Technical Only in Pen Drive/Gdrive.
  4. SSCJE Non-Tech Only in Pen Drive/Gdrive.


  1. GATE/ESE Test Series (in march 2020 last week)
  2. SSCJE Test Series (in march 2020 last week)
  3. Genique Publications (in July 2020 last week)
  4. ESE Technical
    These upcoming products are included in prime membership. You can purchase at prime discount whenever these product will launch. 

​How to Enroll for G-Prime ?
You have to pay INR 5000+ Applicable GST for New Users (those who didn't purchased 1 yr/2yr course till now) & INR 3000+Applicable GST for existing Users (those who purchased 1 Yr/2 yr course previously). After that you can avail all the features included in G-Prime.